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Small multi-function extraction and concentrating unit
Model: OMDNS-5

Small extraction concentrating unit/Experimental extraction and concentration equipment/ 507Extracting and concentrating unit


1: summary of extracting and concentrating unit

The extraction and concentration unit is a form of equipment for extraction and concentration process, and is applied to medicine.,food,Drinks,Extraction of traditional Chinese Medicine,The concentration of the liquid and the concentrating unit are fully functional, and the full vacuum system can be used. It can be used to extract the volatile oil, water extract, alcohol extraction, animal viscera extraction, sub extraction and heat (temperature) reflux extraction. The extraction solution can be concentrated, can be collected, and the organic solvent can be recovered, and the applicability of the equipment is greatly increased. It also meets the needs of more process.

Small extraction concentrating unit isExtracting and concentrating equipmentThe smaller form, the equipment is more delicate, the area is smaller, but the function is more powerful, because the small section saves the cost, because small can use the better material, because the small operation can be more convenient, the process flow is more obvious, the maneuverability is powerful, our small extraction concentrating unit can also be called asExperimental extraction and concentrating unitBecause of the special structure of this small multifunctional extracting and concentrating unit in the concentrating system, the specific gravity of the material can be reached1:4And the material is smooth, so it is more used in schools.,Scientific research institutions, hospitals, etc., as new process parameters to determine, new varieties of experiments, extraction of new medicinal materials, concentration ratio of liquid medicine, etc.


Two: the composition of small extraction concentrating unit

The unit consists of an extraction tank, a tubular heater, and a heater.evaporatorIt consists of condenser, oil separator, oil receiver, liquid medicine pump, measuring tank, liquid storage tank, filter, vacuum pump, distribution cabinet, etc. The demister is equipped with steam outlet at the top of the extraction tank and evaporator. Units without steam heating can be supplied with a hot oil heating system.

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