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Application of small spray dryer in pharmaceutical field
2018/8/15 18:00:17

In recent years, spray drying granulator has been widely used in the daily production process, because of its more uses, play a greater role, so people pay more attention to it.


Purity is the most important feature of drugs. With the deepening of the concept of quality, the quality of drug production process research and development has been paid more and more attention by pharmaceutical operations. As a component part of the machine operation, the quality of the small spray dryer is obviously improved.

It is known that spray drying granulator is a new one-step granulating equipment which combines spray drying skills with fluidized bed granulation skills. It uses negative pressure suction of the induced draft fan to dry the droplets and aggregate them into granules, and can adjust the granularity according to the requirements. It is widely used in granulating and drying of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed and other operations. It is suitable for tablets, granules, capsule granules, low sugar, sugar free low-dose granules and sustained-release granules.Especially the one-step granulation drying of Chinese medicine extract.

The quality requirements of spray drying granulator are basic.

In addition, the spray drying granulator integrates the functions of mixing, spray drying, pelleting and pellet coating; produces small excipients, low dosage, sugar-free or low-sugar Chinese patent medicine products; pellets are instant-soluble, granules are easy to dissolve, tablets are easy to disintegrate and fit."gmp".Requirement. In the aspects of granulation speed, particle quality and automatic water reciprocity, another important step has been taken to the international advanced level.

The necessary preparatory work should be carried out before starting the spray drying granulator. First of all, check whether the bearing and sealing parts of each equipment are loose, the lubricating oil of each mechanical component, and whether the water, air, slurry valve ports are in the required position. Then turn on the power supply to check whether the voltage and appearance are normal, after all, check the amount and concentration of slurry in the mixing drum, if there are problems should be timely cleaning.


In addition, dry powder obtained from the pharmaceutical industry requires large particles or cylindrical particles.gfzl - 5Dry granulating machine, also known as dry granulator, uses pressure to press powder into sheet particles.



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