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Wet granulator
Model: SFZL-10
Working principle of high efficiency mixing wet granulation machine:
Efficient wet mixing granulator is the latest generation of wet mixing granulator developed by our company. He has adopted a lot of the latest technology on the basis of the existing granulation at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient use and perfect function.
Features of high speed mixer granulator:
1. The horizontal cylinder structure is adopted and the structure is reasonable.
2. The inflatable sealing drive shaft can be switched to water when cleaning.
3. Fluidization granulation, granulation is nearly spherical and fluidity is good.
4, reduce 25% binder compared with traditional process and shorten drying time.
5, each batch of dry mixed for 2 minutes, granulation for 1-4 minutes, the work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process.
6. In the same closed container, dry mixing wet mixing granulation and process reduction are in line with the GMP specification.
7, the whole operation has strict safety protection measures.
Common methods and characteristics of high speed mixer granulator:
Functional requirements for high speed mixer pelletizer:
1. The impeller is mixed with the material and mixed with the adhesive. According to the characteristics of materials and adhesives, the rotating speed of the agitator ensures that the motion produces eddy current and the material is fully mixed. At the same time, the aggregate area of the granulator is broken into granules.
2. The rotating speed of the agitator and the pelletizing knife can make the material produce three-dimensional movement, and the particles produce collision, friction and shearing, so that the friction is uniform and meticulous, and finally the stable spherical particles are formed. The mixing time, the speed of agitator and granulator, the quality and uniformity of granulation after drying meet the requirements of solid preparation production process.
3. The whole process of mixed granulation (including feeding, mixing, cutting, granulating and unloading etc.) should be operated under 100,000 or 300,000 grade cleanliness in a closed state, and no foreign bodies should be dropped.
4, the machine can be matched with boiling drying or lifting feeder or vacuum feeder equipment line.
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