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Model: XZZL-5

Main uses:

 This machine is usedSIt is a type of roller, which is used for extruding granular materials through sieve holes of stainless steel sieve tubes.

 Used in chemical products to mix well (wet) powder into granules.,Such as pesticide water dispersing granules.

 In the pharmaceutical industry, the mixed (wet) powder is rolled into granules.,Used as granule, tablet, capsule, etc.

 Food industry used for solid beverage granulation, and condiment granulation such as chicken essence, seafood essence, Isatis root, Cordyceps sinensis, snow lotus, etc.

Structural characteristics:

This machine is mainly used for R & D in laboratory.20-30About two grams of powder can be tested. Particle diameter isZero point eightOne1.2 1.5(mm) Length in general5-10(mm).

   This machine adopts special deceleration motor to increase the power factor of the motor, so that the sticky material will not be jammed, and the structure of the cutter sleeve will be improved. The granulating knife, cutter sleeve and sieve barrel are processed by special technology, and the processing angle is accurate. Each cutter is the same, and the interchangeability is good. The installation form of the screen mesh is improved, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient.

technical specifications



   Particle fineness(mm)


    Rotational speed of milling cutter(rpm)

     Shape size(mm)


  zlxz - 5


Phi 0.5 1.5





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