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Properties of spray drying equipment combined with moisture content in laboratory
2018/9/6 17:48:32

There are many ways to combine the material with water, such as the water adhered to the surface of the material, the water retained in the pore of the porous material, the crystalline water carried by the material and the swelling water penetrated into the cell of the material. The way of removing water is different from that of water. For example, moisture and large gaps on the surface of materials.(Or pore)The moisture content in the water is removed by ordinary spray drying method, but the chemical bound water does not belong to the scope of ordinary spray drying. After drying by ordinary equipment, it still remains in the material. The main purpose of drying is to meet the production needs of enterprises, raw materials semi-finished products, products or products through drying process to reduce moisture, so as to meet the production requirements of enterprises.

1. To facilitate transportation, raw materials or products are dried to solid. Such as liquid raw materials, mud, salt and so on.Using laboratory spray dryerDrying is granular solid, which is convenient for packaging and transportation.

(2) in order to facilitate storage, raw materials or products can be dried for preservation. For example, food, because of the existence of water, conducive to the propagation of microorganisms, easy to rot, moth or deterioration, such materials after drying for easy storage. For example, biochemical products, ceramic pigments, glaze products, if the water content exceeds the prescribed standards, easy to deteriorate, affecting the use of time limit, so need to be dried after storage.

(3) for ease of use. For example, the drying of porous ceramic body when its moisture content>2%When the material is more moisture, it will produce a lot of cracks for the shuttle kiln. Therefore, dry it to moisture content.<2%It is beneficial to improve the firing qualification rate of porous ceramics.

(4) for easy processing. For example, the production of ceramsite needs to be crushed due to the processing requirements.(Or granulation)To a certain range of granularity and moisture content, in order to facilitate processing and utilization. For example, the granulation and drying of catalyst semi-finished products can maintain a certain moisture content and particle size range, which is conducive to tablet forming.

In order to improve the quality of products. The quality of some chemical products, such as water reducer, green body reinforcer and preservative, is related to water content. After the material is dried and the moisture is removed, the effective components are increased correspondingly, and the product quality is also improved.



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