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Importance of laboratory spray drying equipment in ceramic production
2018/9/10 12:06:54

Almost every product is produced. Drying is the most important process in the city, not only to maintain and improve product quality, ceramics is no exception. In ceramic production,Laboratory spray drying equipmentIt always plays a connecting role.
The moisture content of ceramic body is generally 5%~25%Between. The bonding form between the body and the moisture content.  Better than special molding.
Injection molding into granular and powder moisture.3%Around, forming at atmospheric pressure.6%Plastic forming can be carried out.20%About,
stay32%About. If the water is set in the kiln,1%Below, drying will remove moisture.10%One30%Usually,5%~28%. When the body is in contact with the stationary air at constant temperature and mixture, It is bound to release or absorb moisture. The moisture content of the green body reaches a certain equilibrium value. As long as the air condition remains unchanged, the moisture content in the green body will no longer change with the increase of contact time. This value is the equilibrium moisture content of the green body in the air condition. The moisture content of the wet body reaching equilibrium moisture is free moisture. That is to say, the moisture content of the billet is composed of equilibrium moisture and free moisture. Under certain air condition, the limit of drying is to make the green body reach equilibrium moisture.

The process of surface vaporization and internal diffusion is the surface, which evaporates the surface moisture. On the other hand, the ceramic billet can be moved inside the tube. In the drying process, on the one hand is the surface vaporization process, there is a clothing field, the formation of a hollow between the doctrine and the consular, these hollow formed a capillary network, moisture in the capillary body also occurs at the same time heat transfer. Heat is transferred from the surrounding environment to the surface of the ceramic body and moisture is diffused to the outside by capillary action. The importance of ceramic drying is that the surface moisture concentration and the internal moisture concentration are at this point until all mechanical bonded water in the green body is removed.



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