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Laboratory spray drying equipment
Model: OMQPG-3

Product use
Food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biopharmaceutical and other fields.
Organic Chemistry of Milk Powder, Egg Yolk, Soy Sauce, Coffee, Starch, Protein, Hormones, Serum, Antibiotics, Enzymes, Spices, Extracts
Inorganic Chemistry, such as Wax, Dyes, Detergents, Surfactants, Pesticides, Preservatives, Synthetic Syntheses, Pigments, etc.
Ferrate, ceramics, photocopy powders, magnetic materials, metal powders, photosensitive materials, various industrial drugs, sample waste liquids and other automotive and marine propulsion fuel cell development areas.

Description of spray dryer system:

1.Heating: It is composed of electric heater and ceramic electric heating wire, which can heat the atmospheric air to the high temperature air needed by the process.

2.Feed: liquid material is pumped from the peristaltic pump to the top of the sprinkler.

3.Spray: atomizing the liquid into atomized droplets and entering the drying tower.

4.DryThe heated air is combined with the micro droplets atomized by the spray nozzle to dry the sample instantaneously.

5.Product discharge and dust removal: cyclone separator, bottom collection bottle, optional (bag filter three-point collection)


System process principle

After the process is processed, the liquid is pumped into the spray nozzle at the top of the drying chamber. The air pressure atomized the material evenly into a very micro droplet group and entered the drying chamber. Atmospheric air enters the heating system and is heated to the temperature required by the process. It enters the drying chamber evenly through hot air pipes. It solidifies at high temperature after contacting with droplets and pyrolyzes into products. The dried products are separated from the air by cyclone separator. Fine powder of the finished products is recovered and the tail gas containing trace powder is distributed again. The bag dust collector purifies the exhaust gas, and the exhaust gas that meets the environmental requirements is drained by the draught fan.


Technical parameters:

1.Both fuselage and frame are used.Three hundred and fourStainless steel.LCDTouch screen control;
Water evaporation:3000ml / h;
Electric heating and automatic control. Temperature setting range: inlet temperature is the highest.Two hundred and fiftyTemperature, adjustable, outlet temperatureThirtyOne hundred and fortyTemperature adjustment accuracy±1Centigrade. Heater:8KW 380V;
The concentric nozzle is atomized without deviation and has automatic cleaning function.
The device is equipped with an air compressor system.
The device is equipped with cyclone separator, bottom collecting bottle and pulse bag dust collecting system.
Drying chamber, cyclone separator and collecting tank are adopted.Three hundred and fourStainless steel material;
With safety protection and automatic alarm function:
(1) with fan protection function;
2. With the function of fault prevention;
System circuit:PLCProgramming program, touch screen and other electronic devices can be selected by Schneider, SIEMENS and other brand price.

10.Nozzle: standard configuration1.0mmSpray air pressure adjustment range:Zero0.6MPa;

11.Size, length, width and height:850 (w) x1150 (d) x1750 (h) mm;

12.Feeding mode: metering peristaltic pump regulation;

13.Waste gas treatment: pulse type bag filter;

Be careful1: Water evaporation is air inlet temperature.Two hundred and fifty,   For larger evaporation equipment,Please inquire online or call our company.


Shipping list

OneDryer main body

Two) pipes (sus304) the three paragraph

Three) cyclone separator and receiving tank, drying tower receiving tank.

FourPeristaltic pump (bs100 - 1aAnd peristaltic pump pipe.16#A sprinkler head

FiveOne air compressor, some air pipes.

SixDust remover solenoid valve accessoriesTwoset

SevenWarranty card, certificate

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