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Design of main equipment for spray dryer
2018/12/5 10:16:49

What is a spray dryer?

Spray dryerIn the spray drying room, the atomizer is used to disperse raw material liquid into very fine droplets, and then contact the drying medium (hot air) for drying and obtain solid products. The raw material can be a solution, suspension or emulsion, or a melt or paste. According to the requirements of drying products, it can be made into powder, granular, hollow ball or pellet. Most of the drying media used are hot air. Inert gases (such as nitrogen, superheated steam) or flue gas should be used as drying media for organic solvents which are easily extinguished or exploded in the air.


Main equipment diagram of spray dryer

Spray dryerThere are many kinds of processes, and there are great differences in the liquid materials disposed by the spray dryer. The shapes of the products are different, but the process is basically the same. The typical spray drying and installation process flow is from raw material storage tank, material filter, and feed pump to the atomizer at the top of the spray dryer, atomized as droplets, and the new air required for drying process is heated by blower, air filter and air heater to the required temperature, and then heated by hot air. The disperser is uniformly distributed into the top of the spray dryer. The droplets atomized by atomizer and the hot air from the hot air distributor contact and mix in the spray drying chamber to stop heat and mass transfer, that is, to stop drying. The dried products are discharged from the bottom of the spray dryer part by the unloading device, and the other part is discharged with the exhaust gas. The separator is separated when entering the cyclone; the exhaust gas is exhausted by the induced draft fan.


Spray dryerDesign

BasisGMPStandardization, Consolidation, Durability, High Purity DesignAll kinds of medical decorationHygienic Port is Normative AllocationFlameproof design can be used for solvent and water feedUsing Inert Process Gas or Air as Drying MediumPlus filtersSuitable for establishing process data for Business ConsumptionEasy to disassemble, clean and fast product switching.


Design of spray dryer

1—Liquid storage tank;2—Material filter;3—Feed pump;4—Hot air distributor;5—Nebulizer;6—Air heater;7—Air filter;8—Blower;9—Induced draft fan;10—Cyclone separator;11—Spray dryer



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