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Application range of spray dryer
2018/12/10 19:20:48

lab spray dryerSummary:

The spray dryer is highly automated and sensitive to control the size of the waste. The airflow spray dryer is used to compress air or steam.≥300m / sThe velocity is ejected from the nozzle, and the friction force produced by the velocity difference between the gas and liquid separates the liquid into tiny droplets. The fog droplets are in full contact with hot air and heat exchanged.10-30The whole drying process is completed rapidly in seconds. The drying time of the airflow spray dryer is very short.TenThirtySeconds, due to the short drying time, the product can adhere to the average shape of small particles (the product has good dispersion, activity and solubility).

lab spray dryerScope of application:

It is mainly suitable for research and development and consumption of micro-particle powder in universities, seminars and laboratories of enterprises such as food, biology, beverage, chemical industry, information and pharmaceuticals. It has broad-spectrum applicability for all solutions such as emulsion and suspension.,It is suitable for drying thermosensitive materials such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzymes and so on. Because the material ejected is only heated when it sprays into foggy particles, it is only heated in a moment. It can insist that the active ingredients of these materials are not destroyed after drying.

lab spray dryerApplication scope:

Beverages, spices and pigments, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, thermosensitive plastics, polymers and resins, aromatics, blood products, ceramics and superconductors, biochemical products, dyes, soaps and detergents, food binders, oxides, bone powder and dental powder, etc.

lab spray dryerFeatures:

OneThe spray, drying room and collection and installation are made of transparent, high quality, high temperature and high borosilicate glass, which makes the spray drying process stop in a pollution-free and stable environment. The whole spray drying experiment process is easy to control the experimental process and detect and adjust problems in time. All glass elements are easy to disassemble and clean.

TwoWith the built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the diameter of powder spraying is normal distribution, good activity and low noise.60db,National Laboratory Noise Code.

ThreeThe atomization structure of the two fluid spray is of high quality and precision.Three hundred and sixteenStainless steel material manufacturing, homogeneous atomization.

FourReal-time temperature controlPIDConstant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control.

FiveFeed volume can be adjusted by crawling pump, minimum30mlSamples can also complete an experiment.

SixWhen the nozzle is obstructed, it will be cleaned automatically to ensure the continuity of the experiment..

SevenAll-in-one manual dual form,PLCControl, color touch screen display, Chinese and English operation interface, all parameters have liquid crystal display.

EightWith maintenance function, the heater can not start unless the fan is started.

NineThe particle size of dried waste powder is more average.95%The above dry powder is in the same granularity range.

TenElectricity can be used.,No auxiliary equipment is required.

lab spray dryerWorking principle:

The air is filtered and heated into the top air distributor of the spray drying machine, and the hot air spirally averages into the drying chamber. High-speed centrifugal atomizer at the top of the tower.(rotate)Spray into tiny droplets and contact with hot air in a very short time. The waste products are continuously exported from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is exhausted by the induced draft fan.

 lab spray dryerSensitive manipulation. With regard to the grain size, bulk density, moisture content and product properties (no dust, activity, wettability and instant solubility), the operation conditions can be changed within a certain range to stop adjusting, and the control and management are convenient. For pasty material with high viscosity, pasty material has excellent effect. The quality of the rejected products is good. It can preserve the color, fragrance, taste and other biological activities of the material; the wet content of the final product; the nozzle structure is simple, the possibility of infarction is small, the cost of one-time investment is low, and the cost of later use is also low.




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