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What is the type of spray drying in laboratory and how to use it?
2019/4/17 11:04:57

The laboratory spray dryer is an electric heating type hot air spray dryer. It is a multifunctional spray drying equipment heated by the heater to the required temperature and then sent to the drying chamber by the fan to instantly evaporate the water with the droplets. During the operation, the temperature is often disturbed due to improper operation. This is not a serious problem, but we still need it. When taking measures to solve, so as not to affect the normal operation. There may be several different reasons for the movement of the supporting wheels of laboratory spray dryers. We need to find out what causes the phenomenon.

ReasonOneWheel and belt processing error: When two wheels and belts are finished, they do not control the coaxiality of inside and outside as required, and the tolerances of outer diameter and thickness exceed the design requirements.
Solution: Strict control of wheel belt finishing deviation: Specifically include:After finishing, the thickness control of inner and outer rims shall not be less than the design dimension.95%Or not larger than the design size110%;The coaxiality tolerance of the inner and outer cylinders of the belt shall be as followsGB1184inNineLevel regulation control.

ReasonTwoImproper installation: in the laboratory spray dryer, when the wheel belt is installed, the wheel and the cylinder are not installed correctly, that is, the coaxality of the wheel and the cylinder and the error control requirements of the two wheel parallelism.
Solution: Attention should be paid to the quality of wheel belt installation and strict control:The coaxiality deviation between the tyre and the cylinder is as follows:1mmwithin;The parallelism deviation of the two wheels is inOne5mmWithin.

ReasonThreeInstallation and adjustment of seat are not in place: because the installation of bearing seat is not in place, it will cause the idler to be not level and the center height of four idlers to be inconsistent.
Solution: Adjust the bearing seat so that the center line of the supporting wheel should be installed parallel to the center line of the cylinder body, and the tolerance of parallelism should be controlled at the same time.Zero1m m /m;The center height of the same group of supporting wheel bearing pedestals shall be equal and the deviation shall not exceed.Zero1mm

ReasonFourImproper or inadequate alignment on the axle: for example, the connection between the idler and the axle is too loose, or the selection of tolerance is not appropriate or the machining error exceeds the limit.;The connection between the supporting wheel and the axle is not proper and so on.
Solution: Changing the positioning mode or matching tolerance of the supporting wheel on the axle can be adopted concretely.:One is to add an axial positioning ring.;Secondly, the supporting wheel and shaft should be matched in the form of large transition and small interference.

After making clear the cause of the movement of the supporting wheels in the laboratory spray dryer, we can take corresponding effective measures to solve this problem, and will not affect the work.



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