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Brief description of sealing structure of small spray dryer
2019/5/6 16:12:17

With the development of modern industry, the small spray dryer equipment is a boring and vital equipment.,Dry equipment has been widely used in chemical industry, medicine, feed, grain and other professions. The contradiction between the demand for high quality and high output value of dry materials and manual intermittent production is becoming more and more outstanding.,The influence of site environment, temperature, humidity and other changes;Material temperature, moisture content and other differences have other effects;The influence of operator's horizontal concave and convex,It also greatly aggravates the confrontation, thus,It is very important to control the dryness process automatically. The dryness usually refers to the operation of vaporizing the water in the guess and discharging the water vapor generated by it by heating. This process is mainly the process of heat and mass transfer, which is completed by the heat carrier.,And in the dryer,The residence time or traveling speed of the material in the heat carrier will affect the quality and output value of the product in the drying process. Heat, air flow and traveling speed of the material are the main parameters for describing the drying system.,Adjust a parameter arbitrarily,Can change the quality of dry materials, how to control the above parameters?,It is the key to the automatic control of the dull process.


What is the difference between the four types of sealing structure of the small spray dryer? First, the axial touch type, the axial touch mode is to set up supporting equipment at the two inlet and outlet boxes of the small spray dryer, which is called the static ring, and then set up a tightening ring with the rotation of the cylinder, which is called the moving ring. The movement of the cylinder of the spray drying machine moves and moves, so there is a vacant space between the moving ring and the cylinder, and a tiny leakage appearance is formed.

Small spray dryer equipment is one of the widely used unit equipment. It can be thought that the use of small spray dryer has been widely produced by various departments in the country. It can not be simply assumed that it is only a thermophysical method for dewatering machinery, because the materials disposed in the dry process are different, the wet products are different, the objectives of the products are different, the address of the device is different, and there are different requirements for the material selection, the equipment type, the production and the installation method of the small spray dryer. One of the important factors of drawing small spray dryer. Secondly, it is a positive pressure steam seal. This method mainly uses the annular passage between the cylinder and the heat insulation sleeve. Here, we need to use the blower, and blow the air into the annular passage between the small spray dryer cylinder and the heat insulation sleeve through the blower, so that two heads of wind pressure are higher than the pressure inside the cylinder body, and the air curtain seal is formed. This method will form a certain cool. Wind entry will affect the operation to a certain extent.



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