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Advantages of laboratory small spray dryer in the market
2019/6/4 10:50:48

Laboratory small spray dryerIt is a new type of spray drying equipment. Absorbing the low-temperature heat energy in the waste gas of the dryer, raising the temperature of the heat energy, heating the dry medium used to enter the dryer, and cooling the water in the waste gas of the dryer together to condense into liquid water. 

Compared with the traditional dryer equipment, the laboratory small spray dryer has the following outstanding advantages: 
Energy saving. The energy consumption of laboratory small spray dryer is lower than that of ordinary dryer.40%Above. 
Low temperature. Easy to complete under atmospheric pressure0-300High quality of dry product can be obtained by sample drying. 
Safety. It is convenient to dry flammable and dangerous products and oxidizable products safely with full closed cycle of inert drying medium. 
Environmental protection. When drying, dust and odor can not be discharged to the outside environment, and the aroma components and solvents in the products can be recovered. Laboratory small spray dryer is a messy system engineering. If we need to have a detailed understanding of materials, products and customer needs, we will grasp the scientific drying process to satisfy customer's drying requirements, progressive quality and quantity, and show the advantages of heat pump drying. 
Laboratory small spray dryer"Lead"It is a material, so the first requirement is to know what kind of material the customer needs to dry, and what kind of characteristics it has. For example, if the dry material is fruit and vegetable, then its own water content is larger, nutrient composition is simply broken, color and appearance are easy to change in high temperature environment, and so on. 

We also need to understand the material quality requirements, because the drying quality directly determines the value of the material itself, and has a direct interest relationship with customers. For example, the appearance and appearance of products, the reasonable scale of moisture content after drying, the content and retention of nutrients in materials, and so on. 

In addition, our company's low temperature spray dryer isThirtyEightyThe drying time is short and the power is low. Basically, all agricultural and seafood products are suitable for drying in this temperature range, and the speed, quality and power can be better.



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