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The working quality of the pressure spray granulation drier is related to the internal airflow.
2019/7/1 15:16:06

Now in the industry, many manufacturers are producing new forms of dryer, naturally need to design it, and in the design first need to consider its air flow operation, some manufacturers are relatively mature in air flow design, naturally it will be relatively improved in later work, but there are also some. Some manufacturers focus on other aspects of the design, the operation of internal air flow has not been taken into account, such products are instable in use, but also will not have better drying efficiency.

In the process of pressure spray granulation drier, in fact, it is through air flow to achieve the purpose of drying. Therefore, in the design and production process of the whole equipment, first of all, we need to consider the air flow of the equipment in all aspects. First, we need to make the internal airflow to be dispersed enough. It can make the material fully contact with the air, that is to say, the drying area. Only when the drying area increases, the drying time will be reduced. The reason why some equipments on the market have high drying speed and some have low drying speed lies in the difference in this respect.

In addition to what is said above, there is a need for relative simplicity in the airflow operation of pressure sprayed granulating driers. Some manufacturers in the production of equipment have a very high indication of the movement of airflow, adding more components, and allowing air flow to be very complicated in operation, but the final result is dry. The drying effect is not very good, and in the case of relatively complex airflow operation, it will also increase the cost of equipment maintenance and maintenance, so this is the aspect to be considered in the design.

Of course, during the working process of pressure spray granulation drier, material will enter at any time, and the material will also have disturbance to the airflow, so it will also affect the stability of the airflow. In the design, it also needs to consider it. One is the need to increase the speed of the airflow, and the other is also needed. In the aspect of upgrading, when a large number of materials enter, it will not affect the air flow. Only when it meets the requirements in this respect, it will have better working effect in use.



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