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Intelligent automatic dry granulator gfzl-120
Model: gfzl-50
main feature:     
GFZL-120 intelligent automatic dry granulator is the most advanced dry granulator in China. It has adjustable particle size and can be applied to different requirements. It has high yield, high automation, easy to use and good versatility. Add water cooling to the pressure roller according to customer needs. Easy to clean, easy to disassemble and refuel, and the product quality is stable.

The main purpose:
1. Dry powder granulation requirements for food, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical and other industries.
2. Pharmaceutical industry - granules for pharmaceutical preparation, granules for traditional Chinese medicine, granules for anti-biomass capsule filling, granules for anti-biomass, medicinal granules for animal use, preparation for powder dialysis.
3. Food industry - granules for seasonings and spicy seasonings, granules for telecommunication production, granules for health foods, convenience foods, condiments, dairy products, and health care products.
4, chemical industry and other - cosmetics, pesticides, chemical industry drugs, animal feed, detergent.
5. Ferrite fossils, porcelain materials, oil-bearing bearings, electromagnetic materials and other metallurgical particles in the electrical and mechanical industries.
6. Pellet, urea, melamine, epoxy resin and other plastic shaped pellets in the plastics industry.
Catalysts, fertilizers, feeds, pigments, cosmetics, milled flour, various washing chemicals, etc. in the chemical industry and other industries.

technical parameter:
Model GFZL-120
Roller size Φ×W(mm) 200×120
Production capacity Kg/h 40-120
Pressure roller speed rpm 0-46
Screw speed rpm 0-82
Granulation speed rpm 0-377
Finished product size mm 0.3-3.5
Pressure roller pressure MPa 0-7
Machine power kw 12
Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 1500×1000×2000
Weight kg 2400
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