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Production model of rotary granulator xzzl-300
Model: xzzl-300
Main use: XZZL-300 rotary granulator is suitable for the development and production of granules in the pesticide industry, pharmaceutical industry, granules, chicken essence, granules, chemical industry.

Structural principle and construction description: XZZL-300 rotary granulator is a device for extruding materials through a stainless steel screen with a set of relatively rotating milling cutters. This machine can be combined with conveyor and drying equipment to form an automatic production line, saving labor costs.
The machine adopts double seal at both the granulating knife and the pressing knife to reduce dust and foreign matter from entering the speed reduction casing and biting the bearing. The use of a special shape of the cutter to improve the processing technology of the granulating knife can reduce the heat of the material and reduce the pressing force between the knife and the screen, thereby prolonging the service life of the screen.
This machine is easy to assemble and disassemble and clean.
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