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The compact spray dryer is compact and can be placed in the laboratory independently.
2020/1/2 14:38:11
The spray, drying chamber and collection device of the small spray dryer are made of transparent high temperature resistant high borosilicate glass, so that the spray drying process is carried out without pollution and stability. In addition, the temperature control of the small spray dryer adopts the real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, which is accurate in temperature control.


The drying system mainly refers to the drying chamber and related pipes and controls. The drying chamber uses heat-resistant glass as the straight cylinder of the drying chamber, which is easy to observe and intuitive. The lower part is connected by a stainless steel cone. The cone angle is different from the cone of industrial spray drying equipment 55 ° or 60 °. 30 ° The cone is conducive to the removal of the dry powder and increases a certain drying process. The inlet and outlet pipes of the drying room are equipped with temperature detection and display instruments.


The saturated vapor film formed on the surface of the food droplets quickly evaporates, and the evaporation temperature is approximately equal to the wet bulb temperature of the dry air. The designed drying chamber can provide effective gob residence time, so that the gob can be completely dried without thermal degradation. The temperature of the product discharged from the spray dryer is approximately equal to 25-30 ° C, which is lower than the temperature of the outlet of the dry air. In the evaporation phase, the droplet distribution formed by atomization is also variable, which mainly depends on the appearance and shape required by the product.
recycling system

This system includes cyclone separator, aeration pump and product collector. Recovery systems for industrial production of spray drying equipment generally include cyclones, wet scrubbers, and bag filters. Generally, two methods are used for effective material recovery: two discharges, namely, from the bottom of the drying chamber and the cyclone separator; one discharge, that is, the powder is discharged from the drying chamber together with the dry air and then recovered by the cyclone separator.

The compact spray dryer is compact and can be installed independently in a laboratory or on a specially designed stainless steel rack, which is self-contained and can be operated without additional facilities. The small spray dryer adopts one-button start-up and large color LCD touch screen operation. It can adopt two automatic or manual monitoring modes to facilitate operation and monitoring of the experimental process. Small spray dryer is a spray dryer with small volume, low noise and excellent drying effect. Small spray dryers are popular with most companies because of their small size, small footprint, and powerful features.

Small spray dryer is suitable for the production of trace particle powders in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. It has broad spectrum applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions. Drying such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the sprayed materials are exposed to high temperature only when sprayed into mist-like particles, they are only heated instantaneously, which can maintain the active ingredients of these active materials after drying Damaged.

The big highlight of the small spray dryer is the color LCD touch screen parameter display. The color LCD large screen display is convenient for the user to observe the spraying process of the experimental spray at various stages during the use. The touch screen parameter display can facilitate the user to control the experimental data in time. Quicker and more accurate start and stop control.



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