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Spray dryer for food Chinese medicine or natural product extract
2020/5/23 21:25:57
In conventional spray dryers, the inlet air temperature is above 180 ° C. After a long period of exploration, Oumeng engineers developed the OM-800D laboratory low temperature spray dryer, which can control the inlet air temperature as low as 30 ° C. At this temperature, can sugar-containing materials avoid the wall sticking problem?

The spray dryer of sugar-containing materials (food or Chinese medicine or natural product extracts) has always been a problem for scientific researchers. The difficulty is that the sugar will melt in a high temperature environment. While the material is spray dried in a few moments, the sugar in the material is drying At the same time, it also melted and randomly adhered to the tower wall of the drying chamber, resulting in the result of sticking the wall, and the scientific research workers could not get the dried material particles they wanted.

How to get a perfect dry powder, scientific researchers also try their best. Most of them add dextrin and other auxiliary materials. The proportion of auxiliary materials is more than 20%, but the effect is really unsatisfactory.

Shanghai Oumeng engineers first proposed the method of low temperature spray drying, that is, controlling the temperature of instant spray drying to avoid the problem of melting sugar.



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