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Multifunctional experimental small spray dryer small laboratory spray dryer
Model: om-217c-a
Small spray dryers mainly spray-dry solutions or fluid samples into powder or tiny particles in the scientific research stage. The principle is to atomize the sample into fine droplets through the atomizer, enter the drying chamber for heat exchange, the water evaporates instantly, the solid is recovered by the cyclone separator, the saturated gas is filtered by the dust collector and emptied. This equipment can be applied The spray drying operation from the laboratory to the general research room can be well applied in the food, medicine and chemical industry.
Equipment characteristics and design structure:
1. Because the particulate sample is heated instantaneously, the sample powder itself is not affected by high temperature, and the sample with poor thermal stability can also safely obtain the micro powder.
2. The sprayed micro powder has low moisture content, no oxidation (except for heat-sensitive materials), and no pollution.
3. Since the sample from the solvent and suspension is directly dried into a fine powder, the filtering, separation, crushing and other pre-processing and post-processing operations that have been accompanied by the traditional powder preparation are eliminated, and the production during these operations can be avoided. Pollution.
4. The high temperature and high efficiency filter can effectively filter the impurities in the air and avoid the pollution problem of the experiment.
5. This machine adopts Siemens PLC program to be programmed into the control system animation display, (fan, heater, air compressor, peristaltic pump, etc. are operated and controlled on the touch screen and parameter settings). The electrical appliances in the control box are all well-known brands of Siemens and Schneider, running Stable, program interlocking to avoid operational safety problems, with data export function, and more functions can be customized according to requirements.
6. Equipped with a vortex flowmeter and a gas meter, which can monitor the intake air volume and gas data, and can display the data in real time on the touch screen.
7. The machine is equipped with a filter element to remove dust, which can filter the exhaust gas. The Japanese Toray filter element is used. The filtration accuracy: (0.1μ-20μ) can be repeatedly cleaned and used.
8. Using peristaltic injection pump, anti-clogging needle, etc., to achieve the diversity and stability of spray conditions.
9. Imported oil-free air compressor with adjustable spray pressure.
10. This machine is designed with an air equalization device at the air inlet, which can reduce the sticking problem of sticky materials during the drying process
Model OM-217C-A
Corresponding sample water-soluble/suspension
Performance Temperature regulator setting range 30~220°C (inlet temperature), 30~100°C (outlet temperature)
Temperature adjustment accuracy: inlet temperature ±1°C
Dry air volume adjustment range up to 100m3/H
Spray air pressure adjustment range 0~0.6MPa
Liquid feeding pump flow range 0~26ml/min
Composition Two-fluid nozzle, caliber 1.0/2.0mm, imported nozzle can be customized.
External output Inlet temperature, outlet temperature output (4~20mA)
High borosilicate glass Drying chamber, cyclone separator, receiving bottle
Touch screen, blower, heater, liquid delivery pump, air jet switch
Temperature display setting inlet temperature, outlet temperature (conditions for outlet temperature control)
Temperature sensor PT-100 thermocouple
Heater Ceramic heater 4.0KW
Liquid delivery pump Conduit type liquid delivery pump
Air pump for spray, built-in Taiwan Dolphin oil-free air compressor
Filter Suction high-temperature high-efficiency filter, exhaust filter
Air connection for spraying The outer diameter of the joint, Φ6mm
Air pressure for spraying 0.1-0.3MPa
Exhaust connection diameter Φ50mm
Safety function The fan does not start, the heater does not start, the air compressor does not start, and the peristaltic pump does not start (in order to avoid incorrect operation causing problems in the experiment or equipment problems)
Specifications Dimensions W800xD800XH1380mm
Weight 150kg
Power supply AC220V 20A,
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