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Beat type sterile homogenizer
Model: OM-11

Brand: Oumon


Type: Heat sterilization type

Sterile homogenizer with temperature control and sterilization functionLCDLcd,TwelveGroup multi segment programming parameter save

Detailed description:

Series of sterile homogenizer, also known as pat type homogenizer, widely used in animal tissue, biological sample uniform processing, in food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical, molecular, and bacterial toxin detection and other fields can be used, particularly suitable for sample preparation of microbial detection. The device adopts stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the solid and the surface of the sample included a uniform microbial samples, samples were packed in disposable sterile homogeneous bag, and the instrument has homogeneous contact, soft, no pollution, no damage to sample, no heating, no sterilizing treatment, no need to wash the utensils. To meet the rapid, accurate, good repetition performance requirements. This product is also suitable for the homogenate of tumor tissues (such as liver cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer), and can obtain a large number of single cellsTwoMinutes up to2*105If necessary, soft fragmentation of tissue cells (such as liver) can be achieved by extending the homogenization time.
Product features:
Large screen full computer LCD display, easy to operate
Intelligent program control,TwelveGroup multi program programming, parameter setting, save, each section can be hit time, beat speed, sterilization time and other parameters were set      
The box is made of high quality stainless steel and anticorrosive plastic sprayed
The utility model has the advantages that the spacing of the beat can be adjusted, and the sample with different processing quantity can be conveniently processed to achieve an ideal homogenizing effect
Adjustable homogeneous time
A fixed or variable homogeneous velocity
Progressive homogenization, excellent cell protection
Aseptic disposable filter bag to ensure sanitation and safety
Fully openable door for easy cleaning
The sample is out of contact with the apparatus and does not require systematic cleaning
Large window, transparent tempered glass window, easy to observe
Detachable adjusting flap
With automatic stop clamping function
Technical parameter:

Product model


control mode

Microcomputer intelligent multi segment programmable type

Display mode

Large screen LCD display

Rattling time

0.1-99branchFifty-nineSeconds or continuous operation

Rattling speed


Multistage programming

TwelveGroup can set any parameter combination

Parameter storage

TwelveGroup multi segment programming parameter saving

Temperature control function


Temperature setting range

room temperature-60

Temperature control range

room temperature-50

Disinfection function

Built in disinfection system can pre disinfect the working chamber;

Single disinfection cycle5minDisinfection wavelength253.7min

Effective volume


Aseptic bag size


Slap box

Stainless steel+Anti-corrosion spray

Rattling spacing


Power Supply

220vac / 50hz

Boot mode

soft start

Pause function




Clamping function

With automatic stop clamping function


Loading and unloading window and adjusting slap plate, toughened glass safety door

Outline size




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