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Beat type aseptic homogenizer (silent type)
Model: OM-09

Brand: Oumon


Type: Silent type

Product description:
Applications: food microbiological analysis, animal tissue, biological samples, cosmetics homogenization treatment; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, microbiological analysis of drugs.
Main features of sterile homogenizer:
The international leading pedal stamping function makes grinding more detailed.
Cabinet door: four pieces of reinforced transparent window, can confirm the degree of comminution.
Window sensor function (box door handle):start / stopFunction is not closed when the red light lights up.
LEDThe indicator lamp is easy to check for internal homogeneity
Pedal distance adjustment function: thickness/All the thin samples can be crushed
Hint function: (after the completion of grinding, auto beeps)
PassLCDConfirm the function of running status, speed and time
• the green light flashes at the beginning of the homogenization.
At the end of the homogenization, the red light comes on.

Product parameter:
Imported motor: work noise is less thanFifty-fiveDB
Effective volume:Three400ml
Specifications:w280 h260mm d440 * *
Rattling spacing:Zero50mmAdjustable
Observation window:Fourindividual
Stamping pedal:Twoblock
Speed regulation:1~10level
When work starts internallyLEDlighting
• disinfection function: slap in the box disinfection lamp, the work chamber can be pre sterilized (single disinfection cycle)5min,Disinfection wavelength253.7mi
Standard configuration
HomogenizerOnePlatform, impression plateTwoBlock, fully closed homogeneous bagFiftyOnly (with writing area)



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