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Freeze dryer - vacuum freeze dryer - freeze dryer price
Model: FD-1A-50

Brand: Oumon


Temperature type: -50 ℃

Specifications for freeze dryers:fd - 1a - 50Ordinary type,fd - 1b - 50Gland type,fd - 50 to - 1cManifold ordinary type,fd - 1d - 50Manifold gland type,FD-1E-50 T Frame type

Freeze dryer product description:
Vacuum freeze drying technology, referred to as "sublimation drying". Widely used in medicine, biological products, chemical and food industry. The heat sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzymes, hormones and other biological tissues, freeze-drying technology is very suitable.
Main features of freeze dryer:
Desktop design, compact, small table.
Beautiful appearance, ergonomic design, easy to operate.
• imported fully enclosed compressor, efficient and reliable, low noise.
The opening of the cold trap is large and the sample pre freezing function is adopted.
The cold trap is all stainless steel, and the cold trap has no coil. It is smooth and corrosion resistant.
Patent design draft tube, raise the cold trap effective area, quick freeze dry.
Imported pneumatic valve, which can be filled with dry nitrogen or inert gas.
Transparent bell type drying room, safe and intuitive.
The international standard vacuum interface can be used in combination with various vacuum pumps.
Digital display of temperature and vacuum.
Sample temperature display (optional).

Product parameter:
The condensation temperature:-50
The vacuum degree:< 20pa
The freeze dry area:Zero point one two
The disc material:One point tworise
The water capture capability:3kg/24h
The sample tray: the diameter200mm×Fourlayer
The power supply requirements:220 v 50hz 850w
The host size:Three hundred and eighty×Six hundred×345mm

Standard configuration
Desktop host,TwoDomestic vacuum pump and ordinary drying device (sample tray)FourA)


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