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Y type insect olfactory apparatus
Model: OM-Y

Brand: Oumon


Type: 3 channels


ThreeChannel insect olfactory apparatusIntroduce:
The most well known in the insect olfactory channel name called Chinese domestic insect behavior observation room, in order to reflect the scientific research workers are doing in the study of insect right sources, in order to determine the behavior of insects, insects and prevention so as to eliminate the hazards of insects on plants.
Channel insect olfactory apparatusPrinciple:
Each insect likes different kinds of gas, and at the end of each channel is connected with different odor sources, and insects climb to one end of the favorite scent, so as to know the olfactory properties of various insects.
Channel insect olfactory apparatusCharacteristic:
The imported transparent organic glass and Teflon thickening material, forming a good sealing performance, can be customized a plurality of pumping holes, or a custom insect channel, specially to study the smell of insects.

Product parameter:
Room size: 13300mm(Various specifications can be customized).
Channel number:Threeindividual
Drying tower:500ml3individual
Pear shaped glass bottle:25ml,50ml,100mlvariousThreebranch
Glass flowmeter:Threeindividual
Medical silicone tube:Threeroot
Activated carbon:1Kg/package



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