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Solid phase extraction instrument
Model: OMDG-24

Brand: Oumon


Type: 24 holes

SPESpeIs the use of solid adsorption agent target adsorption in liquid samples, the matrix interference and compound target and sample separation, then elute or heating solution to adsorption, separation and enrichment of target. SpeNo large amount of solvent which is not miscible with each other, and no emulsification occurs during the treatment(stationary phase)Solid phase extraction can significantly reduce the amount of solvent. The pretreatment process of solid phase extraction is simple and the cost is low.
and Compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction,SPEThe utility model has the advantages of short operation time, small sample quantity, no extraction solvent, suitability for analyzing volatile and non-volatile substances, good reproducibility, etc..SPEThe method can be used for environmental chemistry and food Separation, enrichment and analysis of trace or trace of complex target samples in the fields of medicine, medicine, health, clinical chemistry, biochemistry and forensic medicine,SPEThe greatest technological advantage is the handling of specimens of very low concentration.

Technical parameter:

Model: omdg - 24pp
Number of samples treated: 24position
SpeAccessories usually have vacuum system, blow drying device, large capacity sampler and buffer bottle (all accessories should be purchased with one's own).

Main features:

1.Each road is equipped with an independent control valve, convenient control, accurate control of flow speed, durable;
Equipped with pressure gauge, easy to observe;
The height of the test tube rack can be adjusted to meet different requirements ;
In addition to the use of air chamber hard thickening of glass, other components are PTFE material, there is a strong corrosion resistance;
Design of anti cross contamination and anti fogging vacuum tank;
Small samples of stable quality, high recovery rate, good precision, easy to collect and analyze the composition, can handle small volume samples;




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