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Soxhlet extractor
Model: OM-6A

Brand: Oumon


Type: 6 samples per batch, volume 150ml

Ormondbrandom - 6thSoxhlet's extractor (Soxhlet extraction apparatus) is mainly composed of heating extraction, solvent recovery and cooling of three parts. During operation, the heating temperature can be regulated according to the boiling point of the reagent and the environmental temperature, and the sample is soaked and extracted repeatedly during the extraction process so as to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction.
Soxhlet extractor using Soxhlet extraction technology is developed and applied to the determination of fat content of a laboratory equipment, has the advantages of reasonable design, stable performance, high accuracy, easy operation, saving time, extraction method (in line with nationalgb5512 - 85Standard), imported products are indexes and performance requirements. The instrument is ideal for Soxhlet extraction in food, oil, forage, soil and other industries.

Main features:
Heating, extraction, solvent recovery and cooling are three major components;
The Soxhlet extractor operation can adjust the heating temperature according to the different environment temperature and reagent boiling;
The sample is repeatedly soaked and extracted in the extraction process so as to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction;
The automatic recovery of the solvent greatly facilitates the use of the user and saves much time;
The extraction time can be adjusted and the alarm will be available.

Product parameter:

Product model

om - 6A

Number of samples extracted per batch


Extraction flask volume



500ml /individual

1000ml /individual

Sample size

0 - 50 g /individual

temperature range

room temperature+5~100

supply voltage


Electric heating power



Overall size(mm)





market price

Eight thousand and six hundredelement

Ten thousand and eight hundredelement

Eleven thousand and two hundredelement

Seventeen thousand and six hundredelement


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