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Model: OM-SC

Brand: Oumon


Type: Spray dust

The cylinder is a circular cylinder, water enters the cylinder from the upper part of the dust remover injection water tank, the inner wall of the cylinder to form a layer of water film flowing from the top down, the flue gas from the lower part of the cylinder to cut into the barrel, in the rotating body, water film dust containing gas under the action of centrifugal force and the cylinder wall is always friction, such dust containing gas by water film dust wet, with the water to the bottom of dust, from the overflow hole to drain away. A water seal groove is arranged at the bottom of the cylinder body to prevent leakage of smoke from the lower part, and a cleaning hole is convenient for cleaning the bottom of the cylinder. After dust removal, the waste water is discharged from the bottom overflow hole and enters the sedimentation tank, which is precipitated, neutralized and recycled. The purified gas is extracted from the cone part of the upper part of the cylinder body so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal. If the alkaline water is added into the circulating tank, the desulfurization effect can be obtained.

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