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Pilot type centrifugal spray dryer
Model: OMLG

Brand: Oumon


Type: Rotary spray

Product overview:Centrifugal spray drierSpray drying tower is the most widely used process in liquid forming and drying industry. It is suitable for producing powder and granular solid products from suspension emulsion, solution, emulsion and mushy liquid material. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product meet the exact criteria, the spray dryer is an ideal drying process.

Main points

OneAnd the hot air flow and droplet contact: a sufficient amount of heat flow into the spray drying chamber, must consider the hot air flow direction and angle, both parallel flow and counter flow or mixed flow, to ensure full contact with the droplets, to fully heat exchange.

TwoFog: the atomization system of spray dryer must ensure the uniformity of droplet size, which is of vital importance. Because of this, we can guarantee the qualified rate of the product quality.

ThreeThe design of pipe angle and cone angle: We obtained some experience data from the spray dryer unit of nearly 1000 units, and we can share it with you.


OneThe spray drying speed is fast, and when the material is atomized, the surface area is greatly increased, and can be evaporated instantaneously in the process of contacting with the hot air95%-98%The moisture, drying time is only several seconds, particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

TwoThe product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility. The higher the purity of the product, the better the quality.

ThreeThe production process of spray drier is simplified and the operation and control are convenient. For moisture content40-60%(special material up to90%The liquid can be dried into powder products at once. After drying, the process can be reduced without grinding and screening, and the production process can be reduced and the purity of the product can be improved. The size, density and moisture of the product can be adjusted in a certain range by changing operating conditions, and the control and management are very convenient.

Working principle:

The spray dryer is of open circulation, parallel flow and centrifugal atomization. The air in the drying medium is filtered by the initial and middle efficiency air filter, then is absorbed by the blower according to the operation instruction, then heated by the heater, and then enters the spray drying main tower through the hot air distributor of the HEPA filter. The liquid material passes the peristaltic pump according to the operation instruction and enters the high-speed rotating centrifugal nozzle. The liquid material is dispersed into small droplets under the action of centrifugal force. In the main spray drying tower, small droplets and hot air in full contact, exchange heat along its path after being dried to become specific products, and then through the cyclone separation, the solid material was collected, filtered after gas is discharged. The whole spray system is easy to clean and has no dead angle,accord withGMPRequirement。

Scope of application: chemical products: polyaluminium chloride, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, organic catalyst, silica, washing powder, zinc sulfate, silica, sodium metasilicate, potassium fluoride, calcium carbonate, potassium sulfate, inorganic catalyst, waste liquid.

foodIngredients: amino acids, vitamins, egg powder, bone meal, spices, protein, milk powder, pig blood powder, soy sauce powder, coffee, tea, grapeGlucose, potassium sorbate, pectin, flavor spices, vegetable juice, yeast, starch, etc.

Ceramics: alumina, zirconia, Magnesium Oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium magnesium, clay, clay, ferrite and metal oxides






One hundred and fifty


Inlet temperature(degree)


outlet temperature(degree)


Maximum moisture evaporation(kg)




One hundred and fifty


Transmission form of centrifugal spray head

Compressed air transmission

mechanical drive


Twenty-five thousand

Twenty-two thousand

Eighteen thousand

Eighteen thousand

Fifteen thousand

Diameter of spray plate(mm)


One hundred and two

One hundred and eight

One hundred and fifty


heat source



electric+Steam, fuel, gas

electric+Steam, fuel, gas

Resolved by the user

Maximum power of electric heating(kw)


Thirty-one point five



Outline size(m)



Chemical industry:

Sodium fluoride (potassium), alkaline dye, pigment, dye intermediates, compound fertilizer, formaldehyde, catalyst, silicate sulfate agent, amino acid, white carbon black.

Plastic resin:

AB, ABS emulsion, urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, sealant (urea formaldehyde resin), polyethylene, PVC etc..

Food industry:

Fat rich milk, cacoa milk powder, milk replacer, egg white (yellow).

Food and vegetable juices:

Oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant tea, spices, meat, protein, soy, peanut protein, hydrolysates, etc..


Corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, maltose, potassium sorbate, etc..


Alumina, ceramic tile material, Magnesium Oxide, talc, etc..

Egg powder
soy sauce
traditional Chinese medicine
Powdered fat
paraffin wax

1. air filter 6. pump
2. heater 7. nozzles
3. hot air distributor 8. cyclone separator
4. drying room 9. fans
5. filter room 10. feed tank

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