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Ceramic granulation spray dryer
Model: OMZL

Brand: Oumon


Type: ceramic material granulation type

First, technical objectives (product output, quality and process requirements, etc.):
(1) technical parameters:
One point one
Name of drying material:     Granulation of ceramic materials20200 M
One point two
Solid content  :         50%-60%About
One point three
Maximum moisture evaporation:   5-8kg/h(large scale production equipment can be customized)
One point four
Intake air temperature:         120-280℃   Air temperature:     75-145℃
One point five
Heating method:         Electric heating (electric heating power)20kw
One point six
Discharging mode:        The bottom discharge particles of a cyclone separator material, Gabriel bag filter material
One point seven
Drying chamber diameterXhigh    1300*1600
One point eight
Total height of drying tower:       aboutTwo point three fiverice
One point nine
Total mechanical power:       aboutTwenty-fiveKW    
One point one zero
Atomizing form:        Air flow prilling nozzle
One point one one
Selection of bag dust collector
Two, technical design (process design, equipment layout, control design)
1) process node
Feeding system: the liquid material is pumped to the prilling nozzle by the pump.
Granulation spray system: from the spray nozzle atomized liquid droplets into micron size, into the dry tower.
Heating system: it is composed of electric heater and hot air pipe to complete the heating of atmospheric pressure to the high temperature air needed by process.
Drying tower system:The utility model is composed of a drying tower body, a hot air distributor, a spiral case, an illuminating lamp, an observation door, etc.
Product delivery and dust removal: cyclone separator, bottom collection bottle, tail bag dust collector three points collection
Electrical control system: embedded touch control system
Two) system technology expounded
After the pretreatment of the process, the feed liquid enters the screw pump to the drying tower at the bottom of the granulation atomizer. The nozzle uniformly atomized the material into micron droplets and entered the tower. Atmospheric air enters the heating system is required to process the heating temperature, the hot air duct, hot air volute, hot air distributor evenly into the upper drying tower, and the droplets contact after high temperature curing, pyrolysis product, finished product after drying with exhaust by the air outlet pipe to the cyclone separator gas solid separation

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