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Laboratory organic solvent spray dryer
Model: OM-BLG-2

Brand: Oumon


Type: ethanol, acetone, chloroform, toluene, NMP, DMF and other organic solvents dry

OneProduct description

N2The nitrogen circulation spray dryer adopts airtight design, which is mainly used in alcohol solution,N2Drying as inert gas makes the equipment run more safely. The product has no oxidation, good quality, good powder consistency and average particle size. Its fluidity can meet the continuous production of the automatic press, and the solvent medium can be recycled online. Solvent evaporation capacity under specified conditions2Kg/h(according to the solid content of the material). The whole set of equipment consists of feeding system, atomizer, electric heater, drying tower, cyclone dust collector, condensing tower, explosion proof device, on-line oxygen detection system and electrical control system.


TwoData analysis

OneDrying materials: suitable for a variety of materials, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy industry, etc..

TwoSolvent type: organic solvent (alcohol, ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents)

ThreeCirculating gas:N2Nitrogen (avoiding material oxidation)

FourSolvent evaporation:1-2kg/h

FiveThe solid content of slurry is: paste size20% (self adjustable)

SixSlurryPHValue: neutral

SevenSlurry temperature: normal temperature

EightInlet air temperature of drying tower:80~90Temperature (adjustable temperature)

NineOutlet temperature of drying tower:50~60

TenFinished product: Powder

ElevenThe residual moisture content of the product is less than that of the product3%(left and right)

TwelvePower supply:220v50hz 380 /

ThirteenHeating mode: electric heat exchange is recommended

FourteenMethods: two. Atomizing liquid feeding type atomizer

FifteenFeeding mode: Main Tower+Cyclone separator

SixteenDust removal method: Cyclone

SeventeenSolvent recovery method: condensing tower recovery


ThreeEquipment performance parameters

OneProcessing capacity:2Kg/hLiquid, according to solid content

TwoElectric heating power:6kw

ThreePeristaltic pump: adjustable flow

FourCondensing temperature5-7

FiveThe oxygen content is less than or equal to3%

SixSolvent recovery rate:95%

SevenDryer size: mmOne thousand and five hundred×One thousand and one hundred×Eight hundred and ninety


FourScope of supply:

OneSlurry mixing drum Stainless steel making

TwoPeristaltic pumpOneRegulating flow by bench frequency conversion0.55 kw

ThreeheaterOneCeramic electric heating tube

FiveHot air distributionOnesetsus304Stainless steel making

SixHot air pipelineOnesetsus304Stainless steel making

SevenDouble feeding liquid atomizing nozzleOneplatformsus316Stainless steel making

EightDrying towersus316Stainless steel making1.5mmExplosion proof pressure relief device

NineExhaust ductOnesetsus304Stainless steel making

Tencyclone separatorOnesetsus304Stainless steel making

11 Receiving bucketTwoonlysus304Stainless steel making

TwelveElectric control cabinetOneset


FourteenSystem pressure charging and discharging systemOneset

FifteenFeeding valveTwopiece

SixteenSystem safety valveOneset

SeventeenObservation mirrorOneset

FiveDescription of device control point:

The whole system control point

OneInlet temperature of hot air

TwoFeed rate

ThreeAtomization state

FourTower pressure

FiveSystem oxygen content


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