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Preparation of zirconia toughened alumina ceramic powders by spray drying has made a breakthrough
2017/7/7 18:25:32

Ceramic material is made from pulp by spray dryer, with particle size of about 80-150 m particles.

Using ZrOCl_2 and Al (NO_3) _3 as the main raw materials, Y (NO_3) _3 as stabilizer, the solution was prepared by spray drying and the ultrafine powders of zirconia toughened alumina were prepared. At different temperatures, the muffle furnace for calcination of ultrafine powder. The reaction characteristics of Al_2O_3 coated ZrO_2 composite powder under ambient pressure were studied by XRD and SEM characterization methods. The results show that the ultrafine particles Al_2O_3 and ZrO_2 grains can be obtained easily when calcined at 1200 DEG C, and the Y (NO_3) _3 can keep the tetragonal phase of ZrO_2 cool to room temperature without changing to monoclinic phase.



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