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Non contact ultrasonic cracker
Model: OM-R1500D

Brand: oumeng


Type: 20-1200W Ultrasonic power, display: widescreen LCD display

Ultrasonic cell breaker(mill) is a kind of cavitation effect in liquid using strong ultrasonic instrument with multiple functions and applications of ultrasonic treatment on the material, can be used for crushing various cells of animal and plant cells, virus, also used for emulsification, homogenization, extraction, separation, defoaming, cleaning and accelerating chemical reaction etc.. It is widely used in biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology and so on.


The utility model has the advantages of full function, beautiful appearance and reliable performance. The instrument adopts large screen display, central microcomputer centralized control, ultrasonic time and power setting at random, sample temperature detection display, frequency microcomputer tracking and automatic alarm. All functions are displayed on the LCD screen.

Non contact ultrasonic cell breaker

Display: widescreen LCD display

Single ultrasonic time:0.1-9.9s

Single gap time:0.1-9.9s

Total work time:1 - 999m


Power:20 -  1200w1%-99%Adjustable   

Single standard crushing capacity:0.1-2ml * 4A kind of

Temperature range:-5-50Degree (low temperature and constant temperature)

Alarm function: temperature, time, overload, no load

Random variable horn: PhiTwentyorTwenty-five

Optional centrifugal tube clamps:0.2ml * 8Or5ml * 3hole

Duty cycle:0.1-99.9%

Power Supply:220v±5% of all rolling stock required to operate on /(customizable110v

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