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Ultrasonic low temperature extractor
Model: OM-2008

Brand: Oumon


Type: low temperature extraction of ultrasonic extraction, sample direct immersion and external circulation derived two low-temperature extraction options

Product description:(There are two kinds of low temperature extraction methods: direct immersion test and external cycle extraction)

This instrument is a new type of chemical reaction device using modern combined ultrasonic technology combined with low temperature constant temperature system as physical means20000hzSound wave. It can cause severe friction and heat dissipation medium between the molecules in the medium, resulting in a variety of primary and secondary effects such as ultrasonic ultrasonic, thermal effect, chemical effect and cavitation effect and other physical effects. Due to the cavitation effect of ultrasound can cause the changes of the activity of the reaction system, produce instantaneous high temperature and high pressure enough to cause a chemical reaction, the formation of local energy center, promoting the chemical reaction smoothly, which is the main factor of the ultrasonic catalytic chemical reaction. The secondary effect of ultrasonic emulsification, such as mechanical shock, diffusion, etc. have a full range to break the reactant is fully mixed, than the average of phase transfer catalysis and mechanical stirring is more effective to react smoothly, so ultrasonic technology also gradually enter the chemistry lab, as a physical means of catalysis organic chemical drugs. The reaction has changed the face of.

Main features:

The products are made up of ultrasonic generation system, heating system, refrigeration system, temperature control system and mixing system.
The built-in magnetic stirring system can make the reaction more complete and the temperature more uniform. (* optional *)
The special multi reaction bottle can meet a variety of test requirements(It can be injected into various gases to participate in the reaction,It can also be continuously fed.)
Original French Taikang refrigeration compressor,Large refrigerating capacity and uniform temperature.
The reaction system can be completely sealed(Domestic initiative).
Ultrasonic variable amplitude rod shaped immersion, the treatment effect is good.
Working hours,Ultrasonic intermittent can be set up.
Microcomputer control,The ultrasonic power is continuously adjustable.
• the amplitude is automatically adjusted and the amplitudes are consistent at different load conditions.
The host controller is lcd.

technical parameter:

B ultrasonic power:One hundred1500wContinuously adjustable 
B ultrasonic frequency:20-25KHz 
Temperature range: -.FiveOne hundred Or -TwentyOne hundred Optional
Temperature control accuracy: +.Zero Point Zero Five
The reaction volume:Ten500mlOptional
Ultrasonic probe diameter: standard.10mm 
Optional: with ultrasonic probe.6mm、ф  12mm、ф15mm
This volume of cold wells:6l 
The power of the compressor:650w

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