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OM-2000A type small spray dryer (high quality)
Model: OM-2000A (formerly old models 6000Y and 8000T and 015 upgrade models)

Brand: Oumon

Price: 78000

Type: two fluid atomization, suitable for universities, chemical, enterprise laboratories and so on.

Product description:
Mini spray dryer for University, Institute of food and pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise laboratory production of micro particles of all solutions such as emulsion, suspension has extensive applicability.,Suitable for drying sensitive substances, such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzymes and so on. Because the ejected material is only heated when it is sprayed into a fog, and is instantaneously heated, the active material remains the same after its drying.
A variety of fields: beverages, spices and pigments, milk and egg products, vegetables and plant extract, pharmaceutical synthesis of heat sensitive material plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, Tao Hechao, conductor and biochemical products, dyes soaps and detergents, food, adhesives, oxide, bone and tooth powder etc..
Main features:
SIEMENS color large touch screen operation, SIEMENSPLCThe program is programmed with automatic control and manual control. The panel is set in both Chinese and English, and the experimental parameters are set automatically

The control switch employs the Schneider brand.
Real-time regulationPIDConstant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, heating and temperature control accuracy±1.
Spray, drying and collecting devices are made of transparent, high quality, high temperature resistant borosilicate glass,The whole spray drying process is visible.
Two atomization structure of fluid spraying, high precisionThree hundred and sixteenStainless steel materials, the size of powder injection is normal distribution, good liquidity.
The anti blocking needle is adjustable in frequency and will be removed automatically when the nozzle is blocked so as to ensure the continuity of the experiment.
The feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump.
Special protection function, the fan does not start, the heater can not start, the air compressor does not start, the peristaltic pump can not start (in order to avoid the wrong operation, resulting in experimental problems, or equipment problems).
Built in imported oil-free air compressor, noise less than50db.
Equipped with air inlet filter to make sure the sample is pure.
After drying products, uniform particle size,95%Above dry powder in the same particle size

Later stage can be upgraded with low temperature spray drying and organic solvent spray drying.

Equipment parameters:

OneWater evaporation:1500 - 2000

2、Minimum feed rate:50ml

ThreeLiquid delivery pump:FourRotor pump (feed pipe):Imported silica gel peristaltic tube

4、Atomization: two fluid atomizing nozzle

FiveNozzle caliber: Optional07/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.2mmStandard configuration1.0mm

SixAverage drying time:One1.5s

SevenTemperature setting range:30-300PIDAutomatic control; (temperature can be set)

EightTemperature regulation accuracy: inlet temperature±1

9、Fan: single phase low noise fan, fan flow:95m³/minWind pressure:1.1kpa

TenTemperature sensor:pt - 100Thermocouple

11、Range of spray regulation:0-0.8 MPa(suggest0.2 MPa

12、Spray pressure intake:106L/minExhaust capacity:36L/minInput power580w

ThirteenSpray air compressor: Taiwan imported dolphin brand oil-free air compressor

FourteenCeramic electric heater power3.5kw

15、Rated voltage:220v / all rolling stock required to operate on

16、Air inlet: fiber cotton filter

SeventeenLiquid delivery pump flow range adjustment:0-26ml/min

EighteenElectric box heat dissipation: BrushlessDCMotor fan fan hot

NineteenSpray air connection caliber: outside diameter6mmtrachea

TwentyOverall dimensions:550 (w) x650 (d) x1300 (h) mm

21、Equipment control mode: touch screen control adopts SIEMENS brand

22、Control procedure: AdoptionPLCSIEMENS brand

23、Main electric box: SIEMENS and Schneider brand

24、Machine material/Weight:304 / 110

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