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The sustainable development direction of laboratory spray dryer
2017/11/15 11:39:07

The unfavorable factors in sustainable development of drying technology there are many, such as air pollution, noise pollution, beneficial aspects, such as promoting the use of biomass as a renewable energy, reduce the impact of corruption on the improvement of the environment, crop of global energy balance. Therefore, only by avoiding disadvantages can the sustainable development of drying technology be promoted.

Using low energy drying technology to reduce the greenhouse effect caused by energy consumption. According to calculation,One thousand nine hundred and ninetyGlobal energy consumption3.09×1020jAmong them1.36×1020jFor industrial energy consumption, and industrial energy consumption20%It's used for drying operations. Since dry energy is almost entirely produced by minerals, this leads to atmospheric pollutionco2The concentration increases continuously, thus aggravating the greenhouse effect of the earth. We can reduce energy consumption by improving the old drying technology and adopting new drying technology. For example, impinging jet drying, impact drying and superheated steam drying are used in paper drying, which can significantly reduce the drying energy consumption. Especially superheated steam drying is a technology that can reduce energy consumption from many angles, through steam circulation, evaporationOneThe unit heat consumption per kilogram of water is less than that of water2.5×106j (The typical air drying unit can achieve up to 100% heat consumption2.5×1068×106j)If the combined drying technology is used again, the reasonable utilization of the cold and hot steam of other processes in the drying process will further reduce the energy consumption. In addition, many non thermal drying technology, such as drying, drying and osmotic replacement electro osmotic drying, drying and other contact absorption, but also the effective method of reducing energy consumption.

Laboratory spray dryerInstead of old drying equipment in many drying industries.



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