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Technical parameters of small spray dryer
2018/8/20 17:16:00

Spray dryerHot air is used to complete the drying of foggy products. Hot air for drying enters the drying tower from the entrance of the tower and exhaust gas is exhausted by induced draft fan after drying operation. In the process of spray dryer operation, it is important to control the temperature (hot air temperature) when the hot air enters the tower and the outlet temperature (exhaust air temperature) properly. It selects the quality of the product and dry loose density and so on, so it is necessary to control it severely.

Spray dryerIn operation, the exhaust temperature is related to the moisture content of the product and should be selected according to the moisture allowed by the product. The higher the hot-air temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency, the better the economy. However, excessive hot air temperature will make product quality deterioration, so hot air temperature is necessary to ensure product quality under the premise of appropriate trek.

Spray dryerThe hot air temperature will obviously affect the bulk density of the product. Hot air at high temperature tends to produce low bulk density, which is attributed to the rapid drying effect of hot air, which hardens the surface of particles and enlarges the residual moisture expansion, thus promoting the formation of balloon-like hollow particles. Assuming high bulk density (low specific volume) or solid particles are required, high-temperature hot air and newly formed droplets should not be used in planning. In the drying of chemicals, the hot air temperature is as high asFive hundred and thirty-eightAt high temperature, the particles are large. The residual steam can be found to have a satisfactory pressure to blow the outer surface into a vacuum. In food spray drying, hot air temperature generally does not cross.One hundred and seventy-sevenTherefore, the initial diameter of hollow particles is not as large as that of chemicals.


Equipment parameters:

OneWater evaporation:1500 - 2000 ml / h

2、Minimum feed quantity:50ml

ThreeLiquid delivery pump:FourCoupling rotor pump (feed pipe):Imported silica gel peristaltic tube)

4、Atomization mode: two fluid atomizing sprinkler

FiveNozzle caliber: Optional07/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.2mmStandard configuration1.0mm

SixAverage drying time:One1.5s

SevenTemperature setting range:30-300 PIDAutomatic control; (temperature setting)

EightTemperature adjustment accuracy: inlet temperature±1

9、Fan: single phase low noise fan, fan flow rate: 95m /min, wind pressure: 1.1KPa

TenTemperature sensor:pt - 100Thermocouple

11、Spray regulation range:0-0.8 MPa(suggestion0.2 MPa

12、Spray pressure intake volume:106L/minExhaust volume:36L/minInput power580w

ThirteenAir compressor for imported spray: Taiwan imported dolphin brand oil free air compressor.

FourteenPower of ceramic electric heater3.5kw

15、Rated voltage:220v / all rolling stock required to operate on

16、Inlet air treatment: fiber cotton filter

SeventeenThe flow range of the feed pump is regulated.0-26ml/min

EighteenHeat dissipation of electric box: BrushlessDCMotor fan fan heat

NineteenSpray air connection caliber: outer diameter6mmtrachea

TwentyAnd size:550 (w) x650 (d) x1300 (h) mm

21、Device control mode: touchscreen control adopts SIEMENS brand.

22、Control procedure: AdoptionPLCSIEMENS brand

23、The main electrical appliances in the electric box are SIEMENS and Schneider brand.

24、Whole machine material/Weight:304 / 110

     Spray dryerDrying density is also called bulk density, it plays a selective role in the drying of products, so it is very important to determine the density of drying. Generally in the planning of spray dryer, the density of drying should be set well, only in this way can the product achieve better drying effect. The drying density of the spray dryer can not be determined at will, and many general factors should be considered in order to ensure punctuality, as follows:
(1)equipment type
It is assumed that the products with higher density can be obtained by choosing the cocurrent spray dryer, so the selection should be carried out according to the practical requirements.

(2)Increase the impact of matter
If you want to get low density products, such as instant coffee, instant tea, some paint powder, etc., then you can add nitrogen or carbon dioxide to the drying guess. However, assuming that inorganic salts, such as sodium chloride, will increase the density of the pine, it should be carefully increased, can not be mistaken, because it may be counterproductive.

(3)Feed concentration
Feed density is directly proportional to the density, feed concentration is small, then the density is small, and then the production capacity will become smaller.

(4)Hot air and exhaust temperature
Assuming that the temperature difference between hot air and exhaust air is large, the bulk density of the product is lower, and the bulk density is higher if the temperature difference is small. However, the temperature difference can not be too small, because the temperature difference is small, then the demand for air is large, and then make the required power and heat increase, but bring the effect of bad luck, so can not be too small.



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