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Advantages and uses of spray dryer
2018/8/24 8:50:38

Three stages of spray drying

1.Atomization, liquid into the atomizer, in high-speed operation, the runner will atomize the liquid, is the product into solid-liquid mixed particles;

2.Drying, atomizing particles are directed to a drying chamber that controls temperature and airflow, transpiring the slightly profitable liquid in hot air. The time needed for particles to touch hot air needs to be right, and then control the nutritional ingredients.

3.Parting, collecting the powder in the airstream, forming after all products.

Characteristics of spray drying

Spray dryerThe required temperature is not very high, so in addition to removing microbial contamination, it is useful to preserve the taste and nutrition of food, and has the characteristics of fast heat transfer, water transpiration and activation, and short drying time. Drying materials have excellent fluidity and dispersion, and are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries, especially in the concentration. Drying of juice powder.


I don't know if we should pay attention when we take medicine. Many drugs are capsules. Most of the capsules are powder. So how is this powder prepared? Today we introduce this ubiquitous but we don't know the technology of oxfork.

The technology of this fork is called spray drying. Spray drying is now a very extensive method of drying, such as capsules of powder products, beverage granules, all kinds of fruit powder are made from purple sauce, it is widely used in food, dietary compensators, life sciences, and so on, so far there have been.One hundredThe history of the year. Spray drying is the earliest.One thousand eight hundred and sixty-fiveUsed for egg products in the yearTwentyIn the 21st century, the technology of changing liquid into powder has made great progress.


Five applications of spray drying

1.Drying and granulation

Spray drying can directly dry the dilute liquid of traditional Chinese medicine into dry granules. It can take four steps of concentration-multi-effect concentration-granulation-drying to process the liquid of traditional Chinese medicine, which greatly simplifies the process and time of extracting liquid of traditional Chinese medicine into products or semi-products, and effectively improves the output power and quality of products.

2.Preparation of microcapsules

Teng Jie and others studied the technology of Microcapsulation of lycopene with sucrose and gelatin as wall materials. The technology sealed the lycopene in the capsule membrane, improved the stability of lycopene to light and oxygen, and then played a maintenance effect. It can not only reduce the loss, but also be conducive to the packaging and transportation of products.

3.Preparation of ultrafine Nanopowders

D.W.LeeThe particle size was successfully prepared by spray drying technology.20nmAmorphousCuAlO Nanocomposite powders.Won Hyuk SuhThe magnetic nano-powders with different particle size distribution and porosity were obtained by changing the spray frequency.

4.Extended shelf life

Spray drying process not only removes the moisture, but also in the preparation process to remove microbial contamination. In the preservation of propolis, maltodextrin as capsule material was embedded into propolis microcapsule powder, which greatly extended the shelf life of propolis.

5.Control yield

Spray drying helps to add other ingredients to the product, and helps to master the quality standard. For example, in order to improve the urinary tract environment, the United States high-efficiency product Ultimate Tomato spray-dried cranberry juice powder with water as a solvent added urinary-specific coagulation Bacillus.hs - 243A better and higher quality dietary supplement has been achieved.





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