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How does the glass powder dry? Ceramic granulator spray dryer meets you.
2018/8/20 13:17:13

Glass powder introduction:

The glass powder is an inorganic ultrafine particle powder with an appearance of white powder. In production, raw materials such as high-temperature and high-purity silica and alumina are used, and then through ultra-clean production process, disordered glass transparent powder is formed, which has stable chemical properties, acid-alkali resistance, chemical inertia, low expansion coefficient and so on. It is a scratch-resistant and high-transparent powder with small particle size and dispersion. Good, high transparency, good anti-sedimentation effect; after surface improvement, has good affinity, and has a strong steric resistance, can be easily dispersed in the paint, film can increase the fullness of the paint, made of crystal transparency primer, both to maintain a clear transparency, but also provide good scratch resistance.

Glass powder is a kind of high transparent powder which is easy to grind and scratch resistant. It is mainly used as crystal primer in the production of high-grade furniture. As well as the dual-purpose paint for decoration.


Application Note:

Glass powder is a kind of high transparent powder which is easy to grind and scratch, small particle size, good dispersibility, high transparency and good anti-sedimentation effect; after many surface improvements, it has good affinity and strong steric resistance, and can be easily dispersed in the paint. After film forming, the fullness of the paint can be increased, and the crystal transparent bottom is made. Lacquer, not only keeps the transparency of varnish, but also provides good grindability. It is mainly used for making crystal primers when producing high-grade furniture. It is also widely used as a dual-purpose paint for decoration. Application: polyester paint, polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose lacquer, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, vinyl acid paint, etc.PETransparent primer and so on.

OneThe transparency, thixotropy, hardness and abrasion resistance of the coatings are very good, and the recommended amount is3-7%Color lacquer5-10%.

TwoIt is suitable for plastic paint and metal paint. The recommended dosage is10-15%.

ThreeGlass powder is mainly used in the production of high-grade furniture as crystal primer, but also widely used in decoration with a dual-purpose paint. Recommended addition ratio5%-10%


Drying method:

So how to dry glass powder? There are two kinds of dry glass powder.OneSome customers can make glass powder into small particles because they are wet grinding.Small spray dryerIt can be dried directly.TwoSome customers need granulation, grinding glass powder and adding suitable binder.Ceramic granulating spray dryerSpray drying granulation, adjustable particle size, general customers choose particle size.One hundredIt's a lot of microns.



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