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Application of spray drying machine in nanomaterials industry
2018/8/30 12:04:42

According to the existing research at home and abroad,The key problems and shortcomings of nano modified asphalt are summarized.,The future research direction and application prospect of nano material modified asphalt are put forward.


Where are the sources of nanopowders?

Spray dryer can effectively nano powder, the following is the product description.

The experimental spray dryer is suitable for the production of micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises. It is widely applicable to all solutions such as emulsion and suspension.It is suitable for drying of heat sensitive substances, such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. Because the material is only sprayed into a fog when the high temperature and instantaneous heating, so these active materials still maintain their active ingredients after drying.
A wide range of fields: beverages, spices and colors, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutically synthesized thermosensitive plastics, polymers and resins, aromatics, blood products, ceramics and superconducting biochemical products, dye soaps and detergents, food, adhesives, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc.
Main features:
SIEMENS color large touch screen operation, SIEMENSPLCProgramming, automatic control and manual control combined, Chinese and English panel, experimental parameters screen self-setting

The control switch adopts Schneider brand.
Real time regulationPIDConstant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, accuracy of heating and temperature control.±1℃。
The spray, drying and collection device is made of transparent, high quality, high temperature and high borosilicate glass.,The whole spray drying process can be visualized.
Two atomizing structure of fluid spray, high precisionThree hundred and sixteenStainless steel is manufactured, and the diameter of powder injection is normal distribution and good mobility.
Pulse plug-proof needle and adjustable frequency, when the nozzle is blocked, will automatically remove to ensure the continuity of the experiment.
The feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump.
Special protection function, fan does not start, heater can not start, air compressor does not start, peristaltic pump can not start (in order to avoid erroneous operation leading to experimental problems, or equipment problems).
Built in imported oil free air compressor with less noise.50db.
Equipped with air inlet filter to ensure purity of samples.
After drying, the particle size is uniform.95%The above dry powder is in the same particle size.

Later, it can be upgraded with low temperature spray drying and organic solvent spray drying.

Asphalt modified by nano materials can improve the pavement performance of asphalt pavement.,Nano material modified asphalt has attracted more and more attention. The research status and progress of nano modified asphalt are summarized.,This paper introduces the superior properties of nano modified asphalt from modified asphalt and modified asphalt mixture.;



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