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Small spray dryer plays a key role in the dyestuff coating industry.
2018/8/30 12:14:34

Small spray dryer is a kind of good equipment for drying dyes, pigments and coatings. As the production of coatings has the characteristics of less investment and quick effect, with the development of national economy, Township enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises have entered the coatings industry rapidly.One thousand nine hundred and ninety-fiveAccording to the statistics of industrial census, the national paint manufacturers have reachedFour thousand five hundred and forty-fourAt home and above, independent accounting enterprises above township levelThree thousand one hundred and eighteenHome. And data statistics, the current national paint business has developed.Eight thousandAt home or so, it is mainly concentrated in the rapidly developing Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region. Among them, East China paint production is the largest, accounting for the total output of the country.45%;Central and southern regions30%;North China accounts for15%;The proportion of northeast, southwest and northwest regions is10%About. Wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures and large-scale domestic manufacturers, the market positioning in high-end products, individual, small township enterprises generally to produce counterproductive products.

stayEighteenAlkyd resin paint, followed by phenolic resin paint, energy-saving low-pollution environmental protection coatings(Waterborne coatings, powder coatings, high solid coatings, radiation curing coatings)The proportion is about26%And the proportion of similar products in North America, Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries has been accounted for.80%About. In terms of import and export, we mainly export phenolic resin coatings and chemically modified natural resin coatings which have advantages to developing countries. The main import varieties are high-grade polyester coatings and acrylic ester coatings which are matched with import production lines. In the past two years, the worldTenThe big paint company has all landed in China. To speed up investment in China, Akesu-Nobel will build a coating resin installation in Suzhou China paint center. The device will produce acrylic acid, alkyd and amino resin.Two thousand and fourIt is put into production in the year.

Because the export of liquid dyes is difficult to export, or the cost is high, it is recommended to use spray dryer for spray drying and then convert to powder for export.



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