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Application of laboratory spray granulation machine to basic properties of sanitary ceramics blank
2018/10/19 11:12:14

Laboratory spray granulation machineCommon requirements for technological properties of billets

(1) Good mud performance.

Mud has good fluidity.;

Mud must be stabilized.;
Water content should be as small as possible.;
The mud should be properly thixotropic.;
Mud has better water penetration.

(2)CeramicsThe green body should have a certain strength. This problem is followed by grouting, drying, glazing, loading and unloading.TwoThe surface is not in the shape of the surface, not only requires that the back of the body has a certain degree of dry and bad strength. And for the removal of the mold.
The billet must have a certain intensity.
Under the phase firing system, the water absorption rate of the finished product should meet the requirements, and the shrinkage of the green body should be as small as possible.

Main process performance index of billet
The technological specifications required to be controlled or achieved during the molding, drying and firing process of the returned body vary with the type of the returned body, the type of the product and the technological process requirements..Control as follows.

Mud density1. 70 ~ 1.85g /  ml.

(2)Clay fineness

fineness0.063mmSieving sieves0.5%~3.5%or0.044mmSieving sieves5%~7%.

The particle size distribution is larger than the particle size.32pmoccupy10%~13%The particle size is smaller than10μm<50%.
Mud fluidity and viscosity fluidity and viscosity depend on the internal friction of mud flow, and they are inversely proportional. Because of the different methods and conditions, the fluidity indexes of various factories can not be used universally. Fluidity5' 30"~7'30”(EN's viscometer, outflow aperture3mm,slurry200mm).
Mud thickness 1.1~1.5.

(5)Feed rate5~8mm (60min).

(6)Moisture content of wet billet5%~8%.

(7)Blank plasticity index8~12.
Drying shrinkage2. 2%~3.2%.

(9)Drying strength> 3. 5MPa.

(10)Sintering shrinkage7%~10%.



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