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How to set the parameters of the small spray dryer in the laboratory?
2018/9/28 11:16:07

Spray head pressure is set.0.2map,Air inlet temperature300 * cExhaust gas outlet temperature135cThe air inlet pressure is1mpaExhaust outlet pressure 1350Pa,Slurry temperature at room temperature, slurry flow rate2l / h,Laboratory small spray dryer outer wall temperature27cWhen the diameter of particles is distributed0~26μmBetween the original diameter of raw material, most particles are in diameter.10-20μmWhen the particles sprayed out of the spray head, the particles dropped rapidly. Theoretically, they fell to the bottom of the small spray dryer in the laboratory. The heat and mass transfer between the particles and the hot gas were basically over, and no longer was calculated at the end of heat and mass transfer. However, in practical experiments, when the spray drying tower was operated according to the parameters, the particles in the tower were bonded to each other, and no single drying particles were formed. The drop was stuck to the inner wall near the bucket outlet of the small spray dryer in the laboratory.



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