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The composition of spray dryer system
2018/10/26 9:43:03
As everyone knows,Spray dryerThere are many kinds and different structures, but generally they are made up of four parts.

1. Atomizing part of the material: including atomizer, feed pump, liquid pipeline and valve.

(2) Hot air heating part: including air heater, fan, air filter, hot air pipe and valve.

(3) the contact and drying parts of droplets and hot air: including hot air distributor, spray drying room, etc.

(4) Recovery of drying products and waste gas purification: including gas-solid separation cyclone separator, wet scrubber, discharge valve, packaging machine, exhaust fan, etc.

The feeding system is generally composed of a liquid storage tank, a feed trough, a coarse filter or a fine filter, and a feeding pump. The liquid can be directly conveyed to the atomizer by a feeding pump, or it can flow into the atomizer through a certain height of the feeding trough. The liquid storage tank should have enough volume capacity to ensure the continuous operation of the device. In general, two liquid storage tanks are supplied alternately to ensure that the feed liquid is supplied to the drier stably. Material liquid coarse filter or fine filter can partially or completely eliminate clogging of atomizer. The design of the feeding system must be considered easy to clean and easy to maintain. Material selection for piping, fittings and equipment of the feeding system is mainly determined by the nature of the material. For example, for food, stainless steel is used entirely; for chemicals, special lined liquid storage tanks and corrosion-resistant pumps, pipes and fittings are often required.

In many cases, the liquid is entering.Laboratory spray dryerBefore atomizer, preheating or pretreatment is necessary. Pretreatment can be mixed with additives or ingredients to ensure the properties of the feed (e.g. pH value, etc.). Preheating is usually done to reduce the viscosity of the liquid so as to ensure that the nebulizer can operate as required. The preheater can be plate type, jacket type, bushing type, bent plate type or serpentine type. The pretreatment or preheating equipment should be connected to the feeding system as far as possible before the space position of the atomizer. Figure 1-2 shows the process flow diagram of the feeding system with preheating equipment. The feed liquid flows from the storage tank through a preheater to a small feeding tank, and then is delivered to the atomizer by a feeding pump. The feed liquid can also be pumped directly from the preheater to the atomizer, but a small feeding trough in the middle can make the feeding system more flexible.



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