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Small spray dryer atomizer
2018/10/26 9:50:16
It is generally believed thatSmall spray dryerThe nebulizer is the heart of the spray drying system. Whether the atomizer can produce fog which meets the requirements of droplet size distribution is the most important factor to determine the performance of the system. There are three kinds of atomizers in common use: air-flow nozzle, pressure atomizer and rotary atomizer.

The atomizer is always installed in the drying room, no matter which atomizing technology is adopted. During operation, the material fog and hot air must be fully contacted. During contact, hot air can flow upward, downward or outward. In all cases, the water in the fog should evaporate rapidly near the atomizer; when the material reaches the wall of the drying chamber, it is dry enough. If the drying time is not enough, semi wet material will appear on the wall of the drying chamber. Nebulizer is usually placed in the center above the drying chamber.



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