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Closed loop spray dryer system flow
2018/11/16 12:31:12

Closed circulation spray dryerThe system is based on the drying medium as inert gas (e.g.N2Recycle and reuse of gas, etc. Of course, under special circumstances, air can be used, such as air.-Carbon tetrachloride system. The connection between the parts of the drying system is to ensure the airtight seal and the drying chamber at low pressure.200mmH2ORight and left, that is,0.196kpaOperate below. The flow chart is shown in the diagram.


In the following case, select closed loop process.


The raw material is composed of solid and organic solvents.


All organic solvents are required to be recovered.


Drying toxic solid powder and granular products;


It is not allowed to escape from odor, solvent vapor and granular matter to prevent pollution to the ambient air.


Dust may form explosive mixture in air.


The risk of explosion and combustion of organic solvents must be prevented.


In dry process, due to oxidation, dust is not allowed to contact with oxygen.


In the process, you need to set up a wash.-One of the purposes of condensers is condensing organic vapors from materials to inert gases. Washing liquid is the organic solvent in the solid, and the second is to wash the dust in the gas to prevent blocking the heater.



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