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What is the working principle of spray dryer?
2018/11/28 10:30:10

Any product that it wants to be manufactured must have a relevant principle, because only when you meet the working principle can our staff produce according to the relevant parameters and production standards, that's right.Spray dryerWe are not very familiar with it, but in fact it is used in our daily production and life process, the frequency and frequency is very many, for those who often work in the factory, for this mechanical equipment is certainly not unfamiliar, but mentioned.Spray dryerIts working principle may not be very clear to everyone. If we want to have a deeper understanding of such a mechanical equipment, we must understand its working principle.

Actually aboutSpray dryerThe working principle is very simple. Next, let's introduce it one by one. First of all, we need to know clearly what the function of this mechanical equipment is. In fact, it is to physicalize some liquid products directly into a gas, or to pump its water to form a powder product, of course, he can basically physicalize them into a very small droplet product. So how can we get him to do all this work? Our working principle is that when air passes through filters and heaters, it is introduced to the top of our desiccant tower. There is an air distributor at the top of the tower, which can divide the air into two kinds, and then make it present a swirling state, and enter me. Our drying room. In this way, the liquid can be atomized rapidly and become a very small droplet.

If you think our working process is so simple, then you're wrong. After entering our drying room in the East and west, he actually has another working process, that is, we will dry the misty droplet into a finished product, that is, evaporate the water in it completely, and then pass through it. The bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator discharged the finished product, thus completing all our work, so all his work principle, in fact, is to dry the water in the droplet, we only need to understand this point to understand its working principle.

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