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Correct Use and Use Range of Centrifugal Dryer Equipment
2019/3/22 12:25:45
      Centrifugal spray dryerIt is a simple and reliable drying machine which can dry many kinds of materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mineral industry because of its reliable operation, strong adaptability and large capacity. It is widely used. Deeply loved by users. In order to make the dryer safer to use, the following maintenance work should be done:
Before working, check all moving parts, bearing, conveyor belt and triangle belt for damage or damage, and timely repair or replacement of inappropriate parts.
Lubrication maintenance, hot air blower every workOne hundredAdd lubricant every hour. Every work of motorOne thousandHours. Maintain and replace butter. The bearing of hoist and conveyor is maintained with lubricating oil in every shift.
Maintenance of vulnerable parts: bearings, bearing seat, lifting bucket, lifting bucket screw is easy to loosen, frequent maintenance. Conveyor bearing and belt connection buckle should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be regularly repaired. Pay attention to safety in overhaul of tower top.
Seasonal replacement and maintenanceCentrifugal spray dryerFor maintenance, the dryer should clean up the debris in the inner air duct, the hoist should loosen the tensioning wire, the fan should clean up the adhesives of the air blade, the hot blast furnace exchanger should clean up the ash deposited in the settling pool, and clean up the pipelines one by one. Speed-regulating motor speed-regulating meter back to zero standby.
IfCentrifugal spray dryerWhen working outdoors, we must take corresponding measures to prevent rain and snow. The whole machine needs to be maintained and repaired on a large scale every year, and spray paint protection every two years.
An Energy-saving Type Suitable for Large-scale, Continuous and Scope Stopping Material Drying and DehydrationCentrifugal spray dryerThe main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. It consists of head, drying section, tail, mesh belt, transmission installation, feeding and distributing equipment, air intake pipe, air outlet pipe, fan, heat source equipment, delivery equipment, etc. The working principle is to lay the wet material which needs drying on the net belt (or chain board) evenly. The net belt adopts the high-temperature, corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation high-quality net belt. The drive belt is installed by the transmission and moves back and forth in the dryer. The clean and stable hot air flows through the materials, and the steam is discharged from the wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The linear speed of mesh belt depends on the type of material and water content. The air flow direction adopts negative pressure and porous air intake to ensure effective drying area, average air velocity distribution and improve drying effect.



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