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The following factors should be considered when using a low temperature spray dryer.
2019/3/22 12:36:22

There are many kinds and sources of Chinese medicinal materials, and various medicinal materials also have a variety of chemical constituents. Because of historical reasons, there are great differences in the degree of exploitation and utilization and application scope of traditional Chinese medicine resources in different regions. Therefore, for the sake of authenticity and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, the use of traditional Chinese medicine should be carried out.Low temperature spray dryerConsider the following factors

) This kind and nature of traditional Chinese medicines----Traditional Chinese medicine extract, extract, concentrated juice, suspension, etc. The tolerance temperature, feeding speed, particle size, specific gravity, oxidation, composition and so on are all factors affecting the process.Low temperature spray dryerDrying process.
drying temperature----According to the different materials, in the case of ensuring the quality of drying, try to choose a low drying temperature to preserve the characteristics of raw materials.
humidity----Material moisture content is different.
Wind speed of hot air medium----The speed of hot air medium in drying room is related to drying speed, material form and material characteristics.
Low temperature spray dryerSelection of Drying Speed and Method----Drying should be controlled under certain technical parameters such as temperature, humidity and wind speed to ensure the maintenance of pharmacological components in the drying process.
Material feeding mode----Deposition thickness and feeding speed affect drying speed. It is necessary to control the concentration temperature reasonably, increase the heat exchange area and ventilation rate, so as to accelerate the drying speed.
Mixed drying of different varieties----In principle, the drying of traditional Chinese medicines requires a single variety of drying, can not be mixed together with multiple varieties of drying.
Two drying----Generally speaking, before the processing of Chinese herbal medicines, the dried and stored raw materials are dried twice to meet the customer's requirements.



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