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What methods can be used to control the temperature of dryer equipment in winter?
2019/3/22 12:40:19
In winter, when the weather is cold, the efficiency of the small spray dryer will decrease when used, especially.Small spray dryer equipment。 When we use small spray dryer in winter, we need to use some methods to control its temperature, so that the temperature is too low to have some influence on the drying effect of the material.
In winter, when it is cold and catch up with snow, the temperature of the small spray dryer will evaporate quickly. How to ensure that if the equipment itself does not have enough temperature in winter, the dry materials will not achieve the desired results. Then we need to dry the material twice or many times, which greatly increases the production cost. This is the result that we all don't want to see. In winter, the outside temperature is relatively low, so it takes a lot of effort to maintain the temperature of the small spray dryer. There are still some skills to ensure the original temperature of the small spray dryer equipment, as long as we are willing to find a way.

First, according to the display of the temperature on the temperature control device, we should control the amount of the fuel added to the small spray dryer. We should remember that we should obey a number of principles to avoid excessive fuel or too little temperature, which will save the resources and control the temperature.
According to the drying materials, it is necessary to choose the temperature flexibly. If the drying temperature is high, the fuel with relatively high calorific value should be chosen at this time. If the fuel variety is single, the temperature needed for material can be eliminated by adding or reducing fuel.
Second, the installation of temperature control device can always detect the temperature inside the small spray dryer. The operator of the small spray dryer should make temperature records, analyze the temperature changes, and make corresponding adjustments according to the changing situation. By adjusting the ventilation of small spray dryer equipment, we can reasonably control the air brake of drying equipment, so as to achieve the goal of raising temperature.
In cold winter, the equipment also needs to keep out the cold. If the body temperature of the small spray dryer does not take good measures to keep warm, the guy will not work well. Therefore, we should try our best to make comprehensive preparations so as to avoid the phenomenon that the materials are dried many times. Small spray dryer increases production costs and outweighs the gains. Generally speaking, it is very normal to use small spray dryer when the temperature drops in winter. At this time, we must do some relevant measures to avoid affecting the work.



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