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Low temperature spray drying equipment solves the problem of traditional drying process.
2019/8/2 16:32:41
As a seasoning food that is essential in our daily life, condiments not only have rich nutritional value, but also have medicinal value. The condiment harvest season is in the rainy season. Under normal circumstances, the frequency of autumn rain is 70%-80%. If it cannot be dried in time, the phenomenon of mildew is very serious. For a long time, the fresh seasonings have been dried and harvested. There are disadvantages such as long distance of transport, tight drying place, long drying time, hard work and high defect rate, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the red condiment industry. Drying technology can completely solve the many drawbacks caused by natural drying. The low-temperature spray drying equipment came into being under the background of slow drying efficiency and high drying cost, which completely solved the problem of the traditional seasoning drying process. Not only successful batch drying of condiments, but also to ensure its high quality, the condiment deep processing industry has entered a new level, is the preferred equipment for seasoning drying.
Introduction of traditional seasoning drying process:
There are two kinds of traditional seasoning drying processes, one is to manually bind one by one, and then hang on coal fire for a long time; the other method is sun exposure. Dry products of condiments are usually of poor quality, yellowish shells and white shells, and the traditional drying process has high labor intensity and small processing capacity, which is not suitable for large-scale production. In addition, seasonings as a seasoning food require stricter pollution problems. If the soil is dried with anthracite and coke as fuel, although it is directly heated but the pollution is serious, choose a safer and non-polluting equipment to dry the seasoning. Very critical.
Heat pump seasoning drying process:
 1. Due to the difference in the quality of the seasonings and the difference in maturity, it is necessary to select the unsuitable seasonings before drying. When the materials are placed, the seasonings are evenly laid, and the thickness is about 5cm. The fresh seasonings are made by the dryer. The upper layer enters, and the layer is turned over to the lower layer. The moisture content of the seasoning material is very high, generally 75%-85%. The seasoning should be dried to 50% moisture and sweat, followed by a second baking. dry.
2, the seasoning drying temperature can be adjusted at 60-80 ° C;
3, using the segmentation drying method, segmentation drying is the current method of drying seasonings superior. The use of segmented drying has a great influence on the quality of the seasoning, drying time and drying amount. The seasonings have obvious softening and swelling during the drying process. The dried condiments have the same color, rosy and smooth, and the water content is balanced.
 Improve traditional production technology, research and develop advanced drying technology and equipment suitable for the origin of condiments, and apply new technology to produce high-quality dry condiments, which is urgently needed for the development of the current dried condiment industry. The seasoning dryer uses air energy heat pump drying for series connection and low temperature drying to ensure the quality of the seasoning, low cost operation and high profit. The speed, temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to the production needs to meet the drying treatment of different moisture content and different varieties of seasonings.

Low temperature spray drying equipment features:
The low-temperature spray drying equipment is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving drying equipment. Its working principle is based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle, using a small amount of electric energy, using the compressor to absorb a large amount of heat in the air, and passing the working medium through the expansion valve in the evaporator. The inside is evaporated to a gaseous state, and then the gaseous working medium is compressed into a low-temperature gas by a compressor, and then the condenser is heated to heat the drying medium, so that the heating is continuously performed. Compared to the electric dryer, two-thirds of the electricity is saved.



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