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Food spray drying equipment is of great significance to the development of rural areas.
2019/8/23 13:10:30
The food spray drying equipment is mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding machine, a drying drum, a transmission device, a cutting machine, an induced draft fan and a power distribution cabinet. The wet beer dough is sent into the drying drum, and the cylinder body is arranged in a plurality of spirals. The copy board drives the copy board through the rotation of the cylinder to raise the distiller's grains continuously. The hitting device of the tube wall prevents the material from bonding the wall and the copy board, and the raised material and the hot air flow introduced by the air intake system. Full contact, speed up the drying heat transfer? Mass transfer, evaporation of water, complete drying, discharge from the discharge port.

The food spray drying equipment can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet distiller's grains with a moisture content of about 65% to a dry product with a moisture content of about 10%, which is used for making high-protein feed, and realizes the mechanization and industrialization of the dry treatment of the distiller's grains. automation. The equipment has high mechanization degree, large production capacity, continuous operation, convenient operation, less failure, low maintenance cost and low power consumption.

   In China's food industry, alcohol, starch sugar, monosodium glutamate, citric acid and other industries mainly use grain as raw material, but the utilization rate of raw materials is low. At least 30-40% of raw materials become waste residue. The dry matter content of the slag waste liquid is 5-8%, and the total amount of residual organic matter in the 1 ton alcohol distillation waste liquid is more than 500kg. The annual waste is considerable, and the waste liquid for producing alcohol discharge is very serious to the environment. In recent years, many breweries have begun deep processing of beer by-products. The distiller's grains are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of organic compounds, B vitamins and cellulose. It is a good edible mushroom cultivation material, as long as it is added in the distiller's grains. It can be suitable for the growth of a variety of edible fungi, which can reduce the production cost of edible fungi and solve environmental pollution problems.

   In rural areas, distiller's grains are now widely used as feed to feed livestock. A large amount of protein is not converted, and it is difficult to be absorbed and utilized, resulting in great waste. The most thorough and most successful treatment of waste distiller's grains is to make the distiller's grains dehydrated into compound feed, increase the potency, and make it better to digest and absorb the economical and effective methods. According to the different feeding standards of livestock and poultry, add trace elements and other additives. Into different compound feeds. Not only can the factory turn waste into treasure, increase economic benefits, but also have important significance for controlling environmental pollution, alleviating the shortage of compound feed in China, saving energy and reducing emissions, and developing aquaculture.



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