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Low temperature spray dryer accompanied by economic development
2019/9/9 10:07:05
Low-temperature spray dryers came into being with economic development. Today's society is a rapidly developing society, especially in the developing world, and the economic process is changing day by day. Economicization drives industrialization, and industrialization cannot support the strong support of the pharmaceutical industry. The pulverized coal and cinder produced in the development of medicines and related industries in China are also on the rise, and perhaps many people have overlooked that a large number of accessories carried by the pharmaceutical industry, that is, pharmaceutical drying equipment. Many companies feel that the trouble is directly sold to nearby residents or directly wasted, which leads to improper use of resources and environmental pollution.

       The so-called demand will inevitably have supply, and some improperly used materials have attracted the attention of heavy machinery manufacturers. Based on the existing products, we have developed a specialized dryer that specializes in some characteristics of materials - low temperature spray. Dryer. Like materials and sediments, there is a commonality, that is, the moisture content is high and the viscosity is strong. Therefore, the general dryer can not be specialized in this aspect, just the low temperature spray drying developed by our company Shanghai Lipu using the new drying technology. The machine can do it. The special material dispersing device of the low-temperature spray dryer breaks up the bonded materials before the materials come into contact with the hot air, so that the contact area between the materials and the hot air can be increased, and the thermal efficiency is improved. The low temperature spray dryer can be used to dry the moisture of the material to less than 12%, the burning value of the dry material is higher, the resource conversion rate is greatly improved, and the environment is protected.



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